We are all about fun;

and being prepared for fun is a great way of having some!!

Be on time for your charter.

Wolfmouth Charters fishes and tours in offshore, nearcoastal and bay waters.

Each marine habitat requires its own specific preparation

so that you can get the very most out of your time on Wolfmouth!


It is always a good idea to get a nights rest.

Try to avoid an excess of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages

the evening before a fishing trip on gulf or bay waters.

Catching fish is enjoyable for everyone, but it can also be hard work

and it helps if you feel your best so you can land the big one!


We recommend that you bring plenty of beverages, (especially water!) fresh fruits, sandwiches

and any other other snacks you like;

we have a clean cooler for you to store those refreshments until you are ready to enjoy them.

Sunscreen, but please, NO spray or aerosol sunscreens.

Proper foot wear IS also very important. Please NO flipflops.

Captain Wayne recommends that you wear sneakers, or waterproof boots.

Hats are also very helpful!


If you wish to use your own tackle you may find that

Captain John Guy's Fisherman's Headquarters in Bradenton


Captain Don Baize's All About Fishing in Sarasota

are very accomodating outfitters, and they will help you to aquire the items you need for your specialised fishing pursuits.

If you have any further questions call or email Captain Wayne!

(941) 720 4418

Click on picture to learn more about Captain Wayne!

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