While its great to bring home dinner once in a while,

it's just as much fun to let the fish swim off unharmed, that way, some other angler gets to do the same.

On our Catch And Release trips, we use specialised hooks and light tackle techniques that don't injure the fish we catch.

After a great photograph or two, we put them back in the water and they continue happily on with their day.

I think that's pretty cool.

5% off any fishing charter for Catch And Release.



A great two hours of quality time spent with friends and family after work;

fish, criuse, or simply relax while the sun sets and day blends into night.

A wonderful photo opportunity for Eco Tourists and Nature Lovers!


George, our freindly heron, will greet you at the dock.

Wild Manatees converging upon Wolfmouth.

.... The Eagle Has Landed.

....................A .............................


An evening cruise away from bright shore lights,

so you can witness the heavens shine as they were meant to be seen!

WOLFMOUTH offers a fabulous viewing platform for meteor showers, lunar eclipses

and the passionate mystery of the night.

email : CaptainWayne@wolfmouthcharters.com

(941) 720 4418


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